It is essential, and beneficial, for owners and managers, today, to give the right attention to the role of the Human Resources function in their organisation. We realise that, in many SMME’s the organisation is usually 'owner' managed, as is Non Profit Organisations, this may mean that the ‘right’ attention to the role of Human Resources is often time consuming, and takes attention away from focusing on the organisation’s core business.

We realise that despite the importance of the role of human resources, many organisations, NPO’s included, cannot afford to employ a dedicated, full time, Human Resources Manager.

From our experience, it is evident that many organisations, including NPO’s, do not need to employee a full time Human Resources Manager. In fact the staff complement and nature of the business should determine the need to ‘hire’ in this instance. No matter though, whatever the staff complement may be, the effective and efficient administration and managing of the employee relations is an essential aspect in any organisation.

However, as many functions of a business are now being ‘outsourced’, we believe that the important and relevant function of human resources may also be given to a ‘dedicated’ and experienced Human Resource Manager, on an ‘outsourced’ basis. It is in this role that, we, Diverse Human Resources can assist your organisation.

Our experience, focussing on the human resource field, started in 1999, and since then we have grown substantially in knowledge and expertise in this critical and strategic aspect of an organisation.

We shall assist you in evaluating the current staff management (HR) systems, for compliance to legislation, and effectiveness, for your business. We shall design or amend systems to improve effectiveness and efficiencies; then together with the responsible person, or in an on-going partnership (retainer) basis, implement and maintain these systems to monitor the relationship link and, communications, between management and employees. 

Our range of experience, in industry, in the management of Human Resources; includes Manufacturing, Legal, Transport, Wholesale and Retail, Livestock Brokerage, NGO(NPO) and Hospitality. This has been gained in small, medium and large organisations.

Some of Our Clients Have Included:
Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (Ecotourism & Conservation); CINDI (NGO- Networking organisation for Children in KZN affected by HIV/AIDS); Hepburn Inc (Attorney); Siyaya Contracting (Tree Nursery); JABE Consulting (Health & Safety specialist; Rural Forestry Development); Active Chemicals (Industrial Chemical supplier); Action Coach (Business Coach); Galsure cc (Insurance brokers); Dodd Sprinters (Printers); Cunningpac (Personal Care Manufacturing); Top Crop (seedling and turf grower)

We appreciate the value of networking and have associations with various organisations and subscribe to relevant industry resources such as:-
BNI (Business Network International) ; LinkedIn;
Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business; Dept of Labour;; Skills Portal; registered Skills Development Facilitator;
SEDA (Small Enterprise Development Agency)

We look forward to partnering with you, and your organisation and contributing to your continued success.

Email:; Cell: 083 225 6125;
Tel: 033 343 1217

  • Chair Disciplinary Enquiries
  • Disciplinary & Poor Performance Counselling Procedure
  • Contracts of Employment - (including Fixed Term)
  • Mentoring/Coaching/Training staff responsible for HR function
  • Probationary Evaluation System
  • Succession Planning
  • Change Management
  • Administration system for the human resource functions
  • Job Profiling/Descriptions

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